Friday, August 20, 2010

Pork fillet with mixed herb couscous

I asked Jo this afternoon to make a choice between meat and seafood as to what she wanted for dinner, Jo chose meat, I was a little sad as I had a great little seafood recipe to try out, but that can wait for another day. I was looking to do something easy peasy for a Friday night, so when Jo selected meat I turned to Donna Hay’s simple essentials beef, lamb & pork book, I have come to know Donna as a no fuss easy peasy kind of cook, that delivers great tasting food and tonight’s recipe was no exception to that.

I have often seen pork fillets in the meat section at the supermarkets, but have never actually tried one, after tonight I think I will be trying it more often, it really is lovely meat and it seems there are always fillets there just the right size for two people. The pork was accompanied with herb couscous which was really nice, the mint and coriander provided a lovely fresh taste to the meal, I was unsure about the yoghurt when I read the recipe, but it actually went really well, it did not compete with the flavours of the spices on the meat or the herbs in the couscous, so all in all a great dish for nights when you want to have dinner cooked and on the table with the minimal effort.


  1. Yum,i like couscous, its nice with lemon zest.Did you just use plain yoghurt or spice it up abit.

  2. Hi Pammy
    No just used natural yoghurt with a tablespoon of lemon juice, really I think the yoghurt was to add a little moisture to the dish, bit like a gravy would, it did not come into the taste of the dish really, it was about the herbs, almonds in the couscous and the spices on the meat.