Saturday, August 28, 2010

coniglio in agrodolce

Had a great time cooking dinner tonight, not only for what was on the menu, but as I had my son Joel working alongside of me throughout and he did a great job, peeling and cutting up the veg and then later cooking the polenta, a tedious task at the best of times.

Dinner tonight came from an episode of Maeve O’Meara’s Italian Food Safari, which saw Guy Grossi out hunting wabbits with his chef Daniel Airo-Farula, I don’t have a big boom boom Beretta so I just made a trip down to the local IGA and picked a nice rabbit from there.

The only problem with taking a recipe from an episode of this show is you don’t get a recipe, so this is very much my version of the dish based on what I could learn from the episode, I wrote all the ingredients down and then improvised from there, forgot to put one ingredient in the shallots, which annoyed me no end but it turned out unreal all the same. The flavours in this dish were intense; the beautiful blend of fresh herbs gave it a lovely spiciness and the sweetness of the sultanas went so well with it. I served with polenta in which I had some butter and parmesan,  and a few slices of green olive ciabatta bread to soak up the juices. To say the dish was moorish, would be an understatement and after three servings I am not kidding and I am still enjoying the wonderful flavours swirling around on my palate some 30 minutes after dinner, who needs a recipe anyway? In case you do I have added my way to My Recipes.

I have the full DVD set of the Italian Food Safari, I watched every episode 4 times through now and I am a long way from sick of it yet! If you’d like to see how Daniel and Guy went about the job you can follow this link, enjoy


  1. I love the presentation of your dishes Uncle Jack. Keep up the good work!