Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fillet Mignon with rosemary butter, served with creamy mash 'n green beans

I should have guessed when I asked Jo what she wanted for dinner tonight she might say steak, after all it has been 2 weeks since she last had her favourite meal, and after the last steak I cooked her I am sort of happy to satisfy her taste buds. Given that, a trip down to Drovers was called for, I can always get just the steak I am after there and today was no exception, I picked up a couple of beautiful Scotch Fillets and some rather nice looking bacon, the bacon was a little more expensive than I would normally buy, but I do not cook Fillet Mignon everyday so what the heck!

My dearest wife decided to spend her day in her sewing room putting together one of her fashion statements, this one for my Goddaughters wedding in a few weeks time, given Drovers is a cut lunch away, I phoned my sister Bella to see if she would like to join me for the journey, which to my fortune she did and we had a lovely little shopping outing together, first time ever that I recall, so that was nice.

As always though, when I go to Drovers with my shopping list of three items, I walked out with enough meat to keep us going for the next fortnight, but that is not a bad thing when you are buying quality at an affordable price, and I did manage to pick up a few bargains today, so came home very happy. One of the bargains I got was some chicken cages for a mere $1/kilo, so I have a big pot of liquid gold ticking away at the moment on the stove and with plans for doing one of my favourite chicken casseroles in the near future the fresh batch of stock will come in nice and handy. Good thing I remembered that stock, just went to check it and it was ticking away a little quicker than I would like, the aromas are starting to fill the house and they are amazing, that will have Jo Girl singing out “how long before dinner Jack?” before I know it! So I might just leave this here and go and cook her dinner and come back and let you all know how it has gone after I have tidied up!

Well the funny thing is Jo Girl has got to go to work tomorrow for some sale convention thing where she’ll be working her butt off to flog the odd street map or seventeen, all I can say is she is going to have to be quick, because I do not think the customers will be hanging around for too long, poor old Gav her work mate is going to have a long day, you see the rosemary butter, which was very very very yummy on the steak, was also very very very full of fresh garlic and right now both of us are reeking of it!

That aside the overall meal was an absolute success, so full of yummy flavours and Jo Girl thought it was Christmas, thanks to a great big mound of mash potato on her plate, something she has not had for a couple of months now, one of the few things she has missed!

I really would not have a clue how close this meal was to a traditional Fillet Mignon, and quite frankly I really could not care less, because this rendition I created tonight was divine and that will do me!

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  1. Looks soo good Jack,love a steak with mash and my favorite veg the green beans.Think i will cook this dish in the week. Pam x