Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kick arse lamb hot pot

Well the house smells so good right now, I have my favorite lamb hot pot in the oven and it is making my mouth water it smells so good, and I can't wait for it to be ready because I know it is going to taste fantastic.
This recipe came from Fast Ed's section of the Better Homes and Gardens, that screened early in the winter of 2009.  I watched the video of this so many times to get the recipe, writing down the instructions step by step, did a pretty good job too because I have just googled the recipe, it popped up straight away and there are very few minor differences, the title being the biggest difference, but I am sticking with mine because it describes the dish sooo much better.  The other major difference is that fast Ed uses stock cubes, I snicker and mumble "as if" as I pour my home made stock in, which I know is going to make the kick that much better.  I have passed this recipe on to so many people and from all reports everyone loves it, my niece Melanie has loved it so much, I have heard she has cooked it to death, what is it they say about too much of a good thing?  Not so in this household, well for this winter anyway, this may be the second time in 3 three months that I have cooked it, a little too long, so really looking forward to dinner.  I still have some yummy polenta left overs from last night, which is going to compliment the lamb so well, some crusty bread and we will be in heaven!
Preparing the kick
Here is the link to Fast Ed's recipe, just remember when you read the bit about stock cubes what Ed really means is use some of that liquid gold you made earlier, and it really will be Kick Arse Lamb Hot Pot.

Hot straight out of the oven
OMG that is without doubt the absolute best meal, the flavors are amazing and the polenta with it was outstanding, I think we will be having polenta every time we have this in the future.  The only thing I could find wrong with this meal tonight, I foolishly only put six chops in the pot, I think I am going to have to get a bigger pot!  
Honestly it was so good, Jo Girl is forever telling me off for giving her too much, not tonight, tonight she ate was on the plate, stood up and went to the kitchen bench and loaded her plate up again, now I have never ever seen her do that and what was even more unbelievable the second plate out did the first!  Can't say I can blame her though, but what am I going to have for lunch????
First Innings!


  1. This meal was indeed the most yummiest ever! I can't believe you've told everyone that I had two helpings, even though you did fail to mention your three helpings!!!
    Thanks Darling, it was absolutely divine and I loved soaking up the juices with the bread xxx

  2. I also forgot about the Rogan Josh on our Honeymoon, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how good was that Jo girl ??

  3. I think i need one of those heavy based pans.Thats what im cooking tomorrow.Thanks Jack! Pamx