Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mackerel with red curry prawns, crushed potato and leek

I had a night out some years ago with my brother Pat, as any night out with Pat goes, it was bigger than Ben Hur. Amongst the places we visited to eat and drink that night, the most memorable was Mead's Fish House in Hay St, formerly known as The Vic Hotel. Whilst here we sat at the bar drinking Bloody Mary shooters which included a freshly shucked oyster, they were very good, so much so we had several. Pat also introduced me to Smoked Eel at that bar, which was heavenly, I can still taste the beautiful smokey fish flavour now, very nice. After we had washed down a few oysters for our entree we went and sat for a meal, where I enjoyed the magnificent special of the day, Swordfish with Red Curry Sauce and ever since that meal, if I have a yearning for cutlet style fish, red curry sauce is automatically on the menu!

I had such a yearning tonight, but as I was buying the fish I thought the cutlets looked a little small, so I ordered an extra one and then just to make sure I brought some green prawns to go with them. The red curry sauce then became red curry prawns, and once I told Jo what I had planned she asked I do kipfler potatoes and leek to go with it. I could not get the kipfler potatoes, instead made do with the ones I had in the pantry and they were just as good. I need not have worried about the size of the cutlets, they were bigger than I thought, so unfortunately for Jo she has some leftovers for lunch, poor girl, hope she enjoys it!

We enjoyed the meal very much, the prawns were nice and plump and they taste so good in red curry sauce, the cutlets were very nice too, quite thick and very fresh, as mackerel cutlets go they had a few bones but they are big so no real problem, the potato and leek went well with it all, though I probably over cooked them a little bit, the leeks had caramelised a little, but it was a nice way to have them.

Jo Girl's lunch

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