Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bitter greens and ricotta cannelloni

I was busy working away today at my desk when all of a sudden about a dozen emails came through from my sister Monica. Moonie I call her and she is the baby of the family, and hence the biggest attention seeker, so I thought what’s this all about this time then?

On opening the first email it became evident, Moonie had been perusing my favourite WebPages at the Gourmet Traveller site and she had decided to send through some of the ones she found to be interesting to her. Moonie loves her tucker, so much so in fact that when she eats we call her MMMMMMMMMMMMoonica, because MMMMMMMMMMM is the noise she makes with each bite of her food!

I chose to try bitter greens and ricotta cannelloni, simply because it had Cavolo Nero in it, something I have been wanting to try since getting Maggie Beers book “Maggies Harvest”, Maggie puts in a couple of pages about her love of the stuff. Unfortunately when Princess went shopping it was the only ingredient she could not find, no matter I pushed on and substituted it with purple cabbage. It actually turned out a very nice dish, especially given it is a vegetarian dish, it was very tasty, though I would have preferred to leave it to the weekend as it took a bit of time to prepare, but that aside it was a great dish and now an hour after eating, I feel it is time for some apple pie and I think it is gonna fit!

Now if you would like to try this recipe, it is a very easy one to do just follow the instructions as I did and you’ll be fine, I actually cut the recipe in half as it is for six people, that means I have one serve left over more than usual, so Moonie there is one here for you, if you’d like to come and get it!!
Ps Mon, when I cook I like to dress like a winner, that way the food comes out like a winner every time!!!
Moonie's lunch, Com N Getit

Now here’s that link for the recipe http://gourmettraveller.com.au/bitter-greens-and-ricotta-cannelloni.htm

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