Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red velvet cake

Around 3:30 this afternoon my boss waltzed in with a Corica Apple Strudel for afternoon tea, if you live in Perth and have had Corica Apple Strudel you know it was a big treat for the team, thanks Anthony.
Now if you don't live in Perth and you haven't had Corica Apple Strudel you really do not know what you are missing, so I will tell you.  It is basically 18 inches long, 3 inches wide and 4 inches high and made of the lightest yummiest puff pastry, which is layerd with beautiful apples, custard and cream, they are simply heavenly!

Now I don't quite know how you go from an Apple Strudel to a Red Velvet Cake, but somehow I did and there I was thinking I am going to cook Red Velvet Cake tonight, so I looked up a few recipes, there were lots to choose from, ended up going with the first one, as you do, dropped into Coles on my way through Northbridge and shopped for the few ingredients I did not already have at home and I was on my way.

I have wanted to try Red Velvet Cake since I watched Steal Magnolias years ago, mine is not as elaborate as the one in the movie, you may recall it was in the shape of an Armadillo, I think they actually called it a Groom's cake and as they cut a slice it looked like the thing was mortally wounded.  As the Dad takes a slice of the rump he says "nothing like a good piece of arse!"

It was actually really wierd mixing the dough, it was like blood red, but tasted like normal chocolate cake mix, it was fun to make.  I stopped at my favorite little Asian mini market to buy a couple of cake tins on my way home as Coles did not have any, I could only get 26 cm tins, it was supposed to be 2 x 23 cm tins and when it came to pouring the mixture out, it proved I was only going to need the one tin, so my cake is not going to be as high as I would like, but boy is it wide!!!

I have just taken the cake out of the oven and it has risen beautifully and thanks to a little butter and then flour on the tin, it came out in one bit, not like Joel's birthday cake, so I was very happy about that, just have to wait till it cools now and I can get the icing on!  Excited!

The proof will be in the eating, will have to wait till tomorrow for that, in the mean time I'd like to say thanks to Annabel213 for this recipe.  Now I can't wait to cut into it!!!

To be continued...