Friday, September 17, 2010

Beef fillet with black pepper sauce

This recipe is HOT!
We have a favourite little restaurant in Perth, it is a Japanese restaurant, the owners have been there near to 30 years now, they are extremely pleasant people and their food is out of this world.
I rarely order steak when I dine out, Jo on the other hand would do so every time if she had her way.  The first time I took Jo to our favourite little restaurant she ordered the fillet steak and the experience for her was orgasmic, I had seldom seen her smile so big, it affected me so, that the next  time we visited that restaurant I ordered the fillet steak, then I understood. 
Every time we have been there since I have ordered the fillet steak, boring? ... anything but!, and I always say, I wish I could cook steak that tasted as good as that, well tonight I did, thanks to the ever faithful Gourmet Traveller, absolutely outstanding and the easiest, honestly this one takes the cake, recipe ever to be cooked in Jack’s kitchen.  This is how it went, Jack got home around 5 pm, Jack dices the steak in to 2 cm cubes, puts it in a bowl, opens a bottle of good rice wine and pours 2 tablespoons over the steak, a grind of pepper and a little salt, give it a stir, open a Corona and sit and play on the computer, time 5:10 pm.  An hour twenty later return to kitchen, boil some water, put the wok on the stove and heat some oil, water boils throw in some mungbean vermicelli in the water, throw the steak in the wok, take the steak out, remove most of the oil, throw in some garlic and the sauce, return the steak to wok, stir, remove noodles from water, place on a plate, spoon beef and sauce over top, dinner is cooked, time 6:40 pm, too easy! 
 And that is how to cook the best steak ever.

Wash it down with one of these!
Cook's choice, Cheers!

And here is the recipe, thought I forgot didn't you?

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