Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roasted loin of pork, rolled with onion and thyme stuffing

Having woken up Saturday morning with a touch of food poisoning, thanks to a bad bunch of grapes, I was feeling a little like I had been hit by a truck before the driver jumped out and began pounding on my head.  I had so much to look forward to for the day to, Freo playing the Sparrows in an elimination final, a bit of shopping to do and at the end of the day six mouths to feed and no idea what I was going to put on the table.  I decided in my ill state of health the easiest option was to cook a roast; heck they almost do themselves, don’t they? Yeah right!

After being brought back into the land of the living by a beautifully cooked breakfast, thanks to my gorgeous wife, whom I have now been reminded can cook; I headed out to the shops and returned an hour or so later with a nice rolled pork loin and a box of fresh veggies.  I had not cooked a pork loin before but liked the look of the amount of skin it had which I knew would turn into yummy crackling, and I also saw an opportunity to unroll the loin so I could stuff it before rerolling.  I made the stuffing by frying off 4 sliced onions in butter for about ten minutes till they were golden in colour, I then added a couple of tablespoons of fresh thyme and a few cups of fresh breadcrumbs.  Re rolling and then tying of the roll was interesting, especially when the string kept snapping, but we finally achieved it and the result was well worth the effort, the crackling by the way, was awesome.  To go with the pig, I roasted potatoes, pumpkin, parsnips and carrots, boiled some cauliflower and beans, made an apple sauce and barely enough gravy, in fact I had no gravy but that was fine because I had apple sauce.

A good roast would not be complete without something for desert, I satisfied this requirement with a Golden Syrup self saucing pudding, served up with lashings of custard, I was quite surprised with the result, the pudding was so light and the golden syrup sauce went beautifully with the custard, I liked it so much I went back for seconds, just hope our guests enjoyed it all as much as I did.

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  1. Dinner was magnificent, you did better than I would have with 'grape poisoning', the pudding was great and my side are still sore from laughing at the 'haircut' video. thanks for a great night.