Friday, September 24, 2010

Thai fragrant grilled chicken

A lovely Thai dish was on the menu tonight, very simple and quick to prepare but very big on flavour, just as you would expect from a Thai dish.
What better way to go on a Friday night, would be great to sit back with a cold beer now and watch a nice movie, I had started to watch On Golden Pond for the umpteenth time before dinner, just a bit to chill out after what seemed a stressful day, thanks to electronic things not working as they are meant too.
All good now though, but the movie will have to wait as I have some more cooking to do in readiness of having the family for dinner tomorrow night, celebrating my son Joel's 16th birthday, my God where did those years go?  Where ever they went they ain't coming back, nor are the precious moments going by as I sit and write this, so I best wrap it up and get back to my kitchen, have a great weekend everyone and com'on the Saints!

Recipe from The Ultimate Thai and Asian Cookbook

Wow,  my blog has just been accepted onto The Foodie Blogroll, check sidebar for their widget, best place to start when you are in the mood to read about food! Enjoy!


  1. Fantastic News...I'm so excited for you! In my books, you've done such a sterling job with the food you serve me every night and you never fail to surprise me. Thankyou, Jo xxx

  2. I hope the party was a smashing success. The years go by too quickly, my friend, but forewarned, as you are, they can be enjoyed to their fullest. Your chicken looks wonderful. I love the food and recipes you feature here. I'll be back often. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary