Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Prawn saganaki

This painted ceramic of an ocean scene, as viewed from a little Greek villa, sits on the back fence of our home, I often looked at it and dream of one day being at such a villa on a Greek Isle somewhere enjoying a view just like this one with my gorgeous wife, while eating a scrumptious seafood lunch, I think what we had for dinner tonight would be just the shot to fulfil the lunch part of this dream, all we need now is the villa and a couple of air tickets.

This was a great little dinner, found the recipe on Gourmet Traveller this afternoon and it is a beauty, easy to make and fantastic on flavours.  I had a little trouble getting some of the ingredients, that’s the trouble with shopping so late in the day, but I was very happy with what I substituted with and now could not imagine cooking any other way it was so good.  The recipe called for thyme and red banana chillies, as I could get neither I used fresh dill and green chillies, the dill tasted so good like I said earlier I could not imagine it any better.  We had this with mixed salad leaves, for which I prepared a simple French mustard, white vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dressing, this has become my favourite combination for a salad dressing and it is so easy to put together, and to soak up all the lovely flavours from the prawn sagnaki, we had some fresh crunchy green olive and feta panini’s. 

Another great recipe from Gourmet Traveller, and one we will be having again soon, so I have been told, gees hope it is from the balcony of that villa!

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