Monday, July 18, 2011

Bumbak’s Carnarvon

Whilst on a work trip to Carnarvon last week I stumbled upon this fantastic home store called Bumbak’s, which was packed full of homemade products, more then you could poke a stick at, the shop looked amazing so vibrant and full of colour and having tried some of the wares at the tasting table I know they are extremely tasty too.

Obviously many of the products contained tropical fruits such as Mangoes and Passionfruit, but there were chilli, tomato and strawberry jams too, not to mention the many different chutneys, relishes and dips, the beetroot relish was so so yummy, I could have polished off the whole jar at the tasting table, had I had a Corona to wash it down!

The owners proudly display the fact that they have won the Best Home Based Small Business of the Year Award for the years 2007 to 2010 inclusive, and it was easy to see why, the products look great, taste fantastic and are a very professional looking product.

I brought home a jar of Capsicum Relish (500 ml), some Chilli Jam (250 ml) and a large jar of Pickled Chillies (500 ml) and I would have liked to bring a lot more, but was restricted by the amount I could carry onto the plane, having had problems out of Perth I did not want to risk going too far and as it turned out I had to argue a point with the check in chick with what I had.
The good thing is you can email an order through to them and they will package up your goods and send via Australia post,

If you are ever in Carnarvon check them out, they are in North Road, pretty well signed and I believe they also offer plantation tours, you'll find it is a well and truly worthwhile place to visit, the young lady running the store was lovely too.

I will be cooking with the products I brought soon and will bring you the results here when I do, ciao Jack


  1. Thank you for your lovely blog, we were thrilled that you enjoyed your visit and were sooo impresssed with our products, it is good to receive any feedback but more so when it is so positive(are you looking for a job, we are having problems setting up a web page because the cook is sooo busy).
    As an aside Jo would like to know "couldn't you fit in a delicious home made icecream after all the taste testing!"

    We are interested in your comments on the Chilli Jam.

    Helen Bumbak

  2. Hi Helen, saw the caravan show on chan 9 today in Sydney and I am indeed interested in some of your lovely products

    John Relph

  3. Hi John, thanks for posting a comment, but I must inform you this is a blog I have written about my visit to Bumbak's, however Helen Bumbak's address is regards Jack

  4. We too were up in Carnarvon not so long ago and went on the Bumbak's tour... Very informative and thought provoking regarding the constraints of selling produce to big buyers like the supermarkets... hooray for Bumbaks for their value added attitudes and creating some wonderful goodies from the produce the big wigs would consider unsaleable in supermarket. We stocked up on our jars of favourites but alas the supply has now dwindled and are sorry we never purchased more... So we will just have to set off on another holiday to visit them once again... Tomato chilli Jam is the best... not seen anything like it on the shelves around my local area. thanks for the tips on cooking with it... will have to try it when we next have supply...

  5. Thanks for your comment, if you contact Helen Bumbak I am sure she will send you their catalogue and a way to buy from via the post!

  6. Just got back from Carnarvon where I too stopped in at Bumbak's.
    Far and away the best thing to get is their Sweet Chilli Sauce. Also known as Bunbak's Bum Burner. Not for the faint of heart!

  7. New Bum Blaster on the shelves, makes the Bum Burner taste mild