Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Turkey breast rolled with chilli jam, sun dried tomato and feta

As we had not shopped for the house for quite a while, Jo and I stopped off in North Perth to pick up a few things on our way home last night.  It made for a late night and I not only wanted to cook dinner for the night, but also to make something which will see Jo through a couple of days whilst I am away.  Whilst perusing the meat fridge I found a tray of turkey breast fillets and decided immediately what we were having for dinner, something simple but sure to be big on flavour.

We were not disappointed, as I combined the breast with some of the Bumbak's Chilli Jam I brought in Carnarvon a couple of weeks back and some crumbled feta and sun dried tomato strips, all of which was rolled up in my fav ingredient, prosciutto.

When I first tried the chilli jam I was a little concerned that the dish would be too spicy for Jo, and against her advise, I spread heaps onto each breast, which I had beaten out a little first, but it turned out fantastic, the jam is very tasty and had mellowed in the cooking process, or perhaps by the cheese.

To accompany the rolled breast, I simply stir fried some Savoy cabbage in a little butter and baked a few Swiss brown mushies, like I said earlier very simple food, but huge on flavour.
We had the left over half roll tonight for an entrée, and sliced cold as it was, was still enough for Jo to make ooh's and ahh's!
Bumbak's Chilli Jam not only looks great but tastes great too, looks like I'll be faxing an order off to them soon!

Bumbak & Sons

449 North River Rd, Carnarvon, WA 6701
Central WA, Coral Coast, Far North WA
(08) 9941 8006. Fax. (08) 9941 9006

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