Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mum xxxx Love you xxxx

Ok, so this blog is not really about food, although the restaurant this photo is taken in on the 23rd of January 1999, was at that time in my opinion one of the best Western Australia had to offer and so few people knew about it, which was great because I just about always got a table.

The restaurant was named after the owner and chef Nicola (surname unknown!), and it was located in Bunbury.  There is still a Nicola's restaurant in Bunbury, but it is no longer owned and run by Nic, he is running a catering firm, I know this, as I came across him at a wedding he recently catered for.  Nic's food and his enthusiasm to put the best possible food on the plate was second to none, I miss the special visits to Bunbury just to see Nic, and to eat his food!.

Anyway, enough about Nicola's, this is more about the little old lady in the photo, my precious Mum.  On this night we (45 or so family  members and friends), travelled the 170 kilometres to Bunbury to celebrate my 40th birthday @ Nicola's.  I had reserved the entire restaurant and Nic had prepared a special set menu of my favourite foods.

The restaurant at that time was BYO drinks and to help Mum celebrate with me, I brought her two bottles of her favourite Margaret River wine Amberley's "Chenin Blanc".  I had introduced her to this wine sometime before this event and it is one she still likes to requests, just as she did when I took her to Red Cabbage for dinner, a few weeks back!

Anyway, Mum is not a big drinker, she's more of a tea totterler really, but on this night she had a had a few more than usual and lo and behold, when it comes time for the speeches she jumps up and begins to entertain the floor, most unlike my Mother, whom is normally a lady of very few words.
As can be seen by the photo she had us in stitches with what she had to say, but none more so than when she finished her speech off by telling us all that she felt she had had too much to drink and was going back to the hotel to take a skinny dip before bed!!! Priceless, love you so much Mum, thanks for everything you have done for me over the years, thanks for the continuing belief that I would be alright, the faith and trust you bestowed onto me with every ounce of love you could muster, no wonder I love you so much XXXXX
This is an older photo, taken around 1988 at The Vic Hotel Northbridge
And earlier again 1984? @ Queens Gardens East Perth for Kev and Deb's wedding, Mum with Dad and their 12 children and of course new DIL
More recent photo, with three of her boys Jack, David and Kev
I have just now looked at the preview of this post and now realise it is a little bit about food, well probably even more than you'd think on first glimpse, there is the fact that the initial photo I started the post with was taken at a restaurant and we were there to eat, drink and be merry in celebration of my fortieth birthday, and what better what to do so?
But underlying that, what cannot be seen is the depth of respect and gratitude that I now realise for the beautiful lady in the photo above, it was she that brought me to love food in the first place, it was she that taught me the joy's that cooking with love for your family can bring, and she is a splendid cook herself, if there could only be more Mum's like her, so everyone could know what it is like to have such a wonderful, beautiful and caring soul to guide and nourish you in your early years!

Mum turns 88 on Sunday, so it is a double celebration for her being that it is Mother's Day, I hope she enjoys it, she really deserves nothing less, she has made every day of my life feel like it is Kid's Day!

Happy Birthday Mum

Thanks Mum, Love you so much xxxx

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