Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pan fried snapper with lemon and caper crumbs, and a french style potato salad

My wife surprised me today, I sent her an email asking her to pick one from a choice of Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Fish or Other (please explain), and after a couple of nights eating chicken either roasted or poached with rice, I fully expected an easy night in the kitchen, as I was sure we would be having steak and salad, or at worst with veggies.  But no, not my girl, the answer I got back was a little more specific, she wrote and I quote! 1. Fish and capers.  Given it was 4:40PM I was sure she had asked the impossible, she still had to knock off and come to pick me up from work, so there would be little time or chance to buy fish by the time we got to the shops.  Wrong again, a quick search on Google led me to a fish monger I have spoken of before in these pages, he is in Fitzgerald Street North Perth and I was told when I rang that they were open until 7PM, bonus!  After establishing I could in fact buy some fish, I then open the pages to my favourite web site Gourmet Traveller and within a few minutes I had found a recipe for exactly what my gorgeous wife was craving.
Festival Fish Market had an impressive array of fish to choose from, and reasonably well priced too, after a glance through the display cabinets, feeling like I was being followed such was the attention of the shop assistant, I chose some beautiful Nor-West Snapper fillets, flesh look beautiful and white and it smelt as fresh as a daisy.  The recipe I chose to work from was based on Sand Whiting, and whilst I could have has some lovely ones, the snapper really appealed.

This was a really simple dish to prepare and cook and it was done quite quickly too, I had Jo help me which was great, she prepared the ingredients for the potato salad, this went so well with the fish and it too was very easy to throw together.  I got the recipe for this from a book by Manu Feildel, I purchased on the weekend, so I was so happy to have cooked from it already.  To make the salad for two people, boil 300g kipfler potatoes, then peel and dice, add a couple of boiled eggs quartered, a couple of tomatoes, seeds removed and then dice the flesh, a 100g ham diced into 1cm cubes, a few finely sliced gherkins, some chopped parsley and 70ml mayonnaise, combine it all together and your ready to eat, bon appetite!

I loved the crunchiness of the breadcrumbs and capers on the fish, the textures went so well together, I think I over did the lemon a little in the shallots, but luckily there were not a lot on the plate.  The smooth texture of potato and egg went lovely with the crumbs too, all in all a very tasty meal and one that will be served in this kitchen again.

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