Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soft boiled eggs with toasty soldiers

I have woken up this morning and I don’t know what it is but I just feel like cookin!

Maybe it is because I have had three cups of coffee and I am pinging off the walls, or is it just because it is a beautiful day outside?

Whatever it is when you have the urge to cook, you must cook, so I have some veal bones in the oven browning up nicely, they will be used to make an awesome veal stock, which will come n very handy when I cook Jo the dinner she has requested for tomorrow night that being Ozzo Bucco.

But just throwing a few bones in the oven wasn’t enough so I forced Jo Girl to sit down and have breakfast with me,
Soft Boiled Eggs with Toasty Soldiers!!,  mm mmm, got to love that!,  remember when your Mum would make these  for your breaky?  I reckon the first thing I ever cooked was a boiled egg, probably for my Mum on Mother’s Day when I was a kid, something I have come  to realise was such a minutely small gesture of thanks for someone that cooked so many beautiful meals for me day in and day out!

Well must be off now, need to get to the butchers and the green grocers, got a dinner for two to plan!!  Hope your having a great weekend too!

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