Thai Green Curry Chicken

1 tbl spn peanut oil
1 tsp sesame oil
2 garlic clove, chopped
2 tsp ginger, grated
3-4 coriander root stems, finely chopped
2 tsp Lemon Grass, finely chopped
1 onion, sliced
2 tbl spn green curry paste, Ayam or Valcom are the best of the shelf products
Coconut cream, taken from the top of can so do not shake the can!
1 tbl spn fish sauce
1 tbl spn sugar
500g chicken breast or tenderloins, diced
½ carrot, sliced
Stick celery, sliced
½ capsicum, sliced
¼ cup bamboo strips, sliced
1 can Coconut Cream, milk part that is left over
Bunch coriander, leaves plucked off, stems chopped
2 egg plants, the long ones sliced up
1 cup bean shoots
1 red chilli, sliced on diagonal

• Heat the oils in wok, until it just starts to smoke
• Add garlic, ginger, coriander roots, lemon grass and onion, mix around wok with wooden spoon cooking until fragrant and the onion is softened
• Add the curry paste, cook stirring for a couple of minutes, the smells should now be awesome

• Add the coconut cream that has been scooped of the top of the can, mix in with the curry paste and cook for a few minutes, you will see the oil start to separate out let it cook a little longer
• Add the sugar and the fish sauce, mix in

• Add the diced chicken, stir through the sauce and continue to stir ensuring it is sealed all over

• Add the carrot, celery, capsicum, bamboo and the stems of the coriander which have been finely chopped, adjust the sauce with a little more fish sauce or sugar as required to your taste, cook for 2 minutes

• Add the coconut milk that is left over, mix in well and bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer

• Add the eggplant, ensure it is well covered in sauce, allow to cook for a few minutes
• Add bean shoots, mix into sauce

• Serve with steamed rice, top with sliced chilli’s and coriander
For the steamed rice
• Put 1 cup of rice that has been throughly rinsed into a 3L saucepan
• Add 1¾  cups of cold water
• Cover saucepan with lid and place on hotplate set to high
• As soon as the water boils and bubbles up, reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 15 minutes on lowest heat 
• Do not lift the lid, as soon as the 15 minutes is up, take off the heat and set aside for a further 15 minutes, again DO NOT lift the lid
• Lift lid, seperate rice with a fork and serve.