Friday, July 22, 2011

Creamy garlic prawns with saffron rice

Went out to buy some seafood today, had in mind to pick up some blue swimmer crabs, a crayfish and some fish fillets, I came home with some King Prawns and some beaut Tasmanian Salmon fillets.  Unfortunately I was unable to find crabs anywhere and fresh (live) crays weighed in at Seventy bucks a kilo, I only needed one, but without the crabs I could not do the dish I wanted so I had to compromise.  I had a fair idea what I’d do with the salmon but none at all for the prawns, even after looking in my usual places, so I ended up turning to some forum or other and took a punt on a creamy garlic prawn recipe.  Very glad I did too, it was an absolute winner and teamed up with the saffron rice I made to go with it, made it very very yummy!

The salmon I cooked following a Manu Feidel recipe have done a bit of his stuff of late and the more I do the more I am enjoying doing them, a lot of his recipes have lots of elements to them, which makes them interesting to cook and they taste fantastic.  Tonight’s main course consisted of Crispy Skinned Tasmanian Salmon with a Tarragon Cream Sauce, Crispy Potato, Beans and a yummy baked Zucchini Flan, the flan was outstanding, as was the sauce and the crispy skinned salmon, the only disappointment for me was the plating and photographing of the main course, not sure if that was because I was hungry, therefore rushing or maybe I had too much wine with the entrĂ©e!

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