Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roasted duck breast with vegetables and port wine reduction

Well in a bit of a quandary tonight as to what to blog first my food or my photo’s, I have been so pleased with both results, but as always my stomach comes first so here is my food blog!

As I left work a little earlier than usual I had Jo pick me up in Lord Street, East Perth, as I had had a bit of a wander around with my camera, as soon as I was in the car I asked what she’d like for dinner, unbeknown to her I had a yearning for fish, she replied instantly with “how about a nice steak, haven’t had steak for a while”, so I relented and headed for Fresh Provisions in Mount Lawley.

Jo hadn’t been to Fresh Provisions before and was a little gob smacked at the range of fresh food available.
Whilst I was looking for the perfect piece of beef to cook for her dinner, I came across a couple of duck breasts and to my surprise when I said to Jo we could have something a little different, she was like "yeah great idea, let's do it".
So duck it was, now for something to go with it, and whilst perusing the veggie section, Jo turns and asks if I could do potatoes thinly sliced, too easy, I then found the cutest bunch of baby asparagus I have ever seen, a must have and so the only thing to get thereafter was a bunch of baby carrots to keep them company.
Now Jo, doesn’t as a rule have a lot of input into my cooking, but tonight she come up trumps a couple of times, and none more so than when I mentioned I need a sauce to tie everything together and within a couple of minutes she has suggested a port wine sauce, even produced a recipe, for which I did not have the ingredients, but it did give me the inspiration for the sauce we enjoyed with our meal, and it was kick arse!  I must admit, tonight I was the dish licker!!

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