Sunday, September 19, 2010

A non blog blog

I will be preparing a boring T-Bone for dinner tonight so nothing to blog about really as I have covered steak a couple of different ways already from memory, and well steak is steak not a lot to blog about, is there?

Ever since I started this blog, people have asked, did I start blogging about my cooking because I had seen the movie Julie & Julia, and quite honestly other than having heard the name I knew nothing of it, and every time I have told people that they have said "Oh you should get it out, you'll really enjoy it", so I did today, I went down to the video store and I rented a copy of Julie & Julia, so now I understand why people keep asking me about the movie.
It wasn't a bad movie, though it did get in the way of an afternoon nap a couple of times, but I did enjoy it overall, mainly due to some of the comparisons both Jo and I could draw from the situations being played out in the movie.  But then it was about people who love cooking and love eating good food, so I guess that was always going to be the case, I did find it funny though some of the interaction between the couples, the love and the dedication to each other and in each other's lives and interests, in a way the story could have been about Jo and Jack to a large degree.

We went out for Yum Cha early today with Dorothy.Dot and young Luke, it was Luke's idea to go, he has become very fond of Yum Cha since we introduced him to it a couple of months back, today we introduced Dorothy.Dot and she seemed to enjoy it too.  It is a fun thing to do on a Sunday, cueing up on the footpath waiting for a table having a chat  in the sun, then venturing inside to sit and chat whilst drinking hot green tea and nibbling delicious Chinese delicacies, love it.  We shared a table with some friends we bumped into whilst we were waiting for a table, it seems it is easier to get a table for ten than it is for four when you go to Yum Cha, we numbered seven when we sat to eat, and it was great to catch up with old friends over some yummy food.  I actually took my camera so I could share the occasion, but it only got used on the walk to and from the car, so will have to make do with these, enjoy.

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