Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

I absolutely love Vietnamese food, not the Westernised stuff that you can get at any Chinese restaurant, but the real McCoy which is made with exotic spices and fresh as they come herbs.
This particular meal was very similar to Pho Bo (Pho is pronounced as Far, Bo is Beef), and it was pretty good, nowhere near the traditional Pho Bo I enjoyed at the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Min City earlier this year, but it had the same pungent smell and mouth exploding flavours, not to mention the hot spiciness of the chillies.
All this in something that took less than ten minutes to prepare, the perfect meal to make when your wife wants to nick off to South Geraldton to see Family.

Served up with fresh spring onion slices, beansprout, Vietnamese mint, coriander and lime, I added a couple of little extra condiments to the ones suggested in this recipe, that help make the dish a little more authentic, firstly a sprinkling of tiny little dried shrimp and secondly a decent squirt of Sriracha hot chilli sauce over the Beef strips.  Fantastic!  Makes me want to go back to Vietnam, oh well one day soon we hope, have to make do with Vinh Hong in the meantime!

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