Monday, August 30, 2010

Breaded chicken tenderloins with leek potato mash and greens

Something quick and simple tonight, mainly due to a lack of planning and a busy day at work, not that I am too worried, because sometimes the simplest of meals can really hit the spot and this is comfort food and comfort food always hits the spot.


I did try something a little different tonight that I am happy to say worked out beautifully.  I had some leek I wanted to incorporate into the meal and I started out thinking I would fry it off for a while and then cook the chicken on top of it, only once I had cooked the leeks I realised it was not going to work.  I was considering  what to do when I noticed the potato I had boiling was ready to mash, so I took them off, mashed them and added the leek, along with a couple of knobs of butter and 50ml fresh cream, then seasoned with a little salt and pepper, it turned out great.  If Jo ever makes mash potato she always puts finely diced onions in the pot as she boils the spuds, and then mashes them, it tastes great but it is not something I have been able to master, so I am pleased my leek potato mash was so tasty might make up for where I’m lacking!

I have a visitor for dinner tomorrow night so I best put my thinking cap on before he gets here, don’t think I could get away with adlibbing two nights running!

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