Tuesday, August 3, 2010

George Calombaris - Kotopoulo tava

You have to love the internet, jumped on at lunch time today to have a look see what interested me on the Gourmet Traveller site, looking for something that would use up some stock I had in the fridge, and it had to have Chicken as its main ingredient, as Jo Girl decide she wanted a chicken casserole.
Now whilst I could have Googled “chicken casserole” and been offered a plethora of varieties in the world of chicken casseroles, I opted for a known and trusted source and yet again it came up with the goods!

In fact, I emailed links for three different options to the little lady, for her to peruse and make a choice. It left her a bit bewildered as she liked all three, so I shopped for two on my way home and in the end we decided to go with George Calombaris’s Kotopoulo Tava, as it seemed easy enough to prepare and sounded to have some interesting flavours.

I have been using my time wisely tonight and written the above whilst our dinner is in the oven cooking, it is looking good, can’t wait to see how it goes!

Well, I think this dish could have been a little bit better, but I only say that because I misread the recipe and added a little over 2 cups of stock, instead of the 200ml I should have added!
Besides this small misdemeanour, it truly was a wonderful dish, so full of flavour, from the coriander and cumin to the fried onion and lemon zest, not to mention the big punch provided by the fresh herbs, and roasted tomato, very, very yummy. I have been told I have to cook this again, and that I have to get it right next time!!

If you would like to try this dish, click on the link below, Jo and I both are happy to recommend it.


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