Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chicken paillards with rosemary and capers

So what’s a paillard? Don’t ask me would not have a clue, they tasted bloody awesome though. 

Around three o’clock this afternoon having had a busy day I took a moment to consider what we might have for dinner, as we had our nephew Luke coming over I wanted something reasonable, but being a work night wanted something easy too.  I had already decided to make an apple pie, it has been a week after all since we finished the last one and Luke is a growing lad, so then for the main I turned my attention to the ever faithful Gourmet Traveller site.  
The must be 2-3000 recipes on that site and they make it so easy, if you want to cook with an afghan melon all you need do is type in afghan melon and it returns everything with that ingredient, love it!  My search on chicken returned many good recipes which I have noted for future use, but for tonight I chose chicken paillards with rosemary and capers.  

This was an extremely easy recipe to follow and to cook, I roasted potato and sweet potato to go with it and added some fresh beans and Broccoli, the vegetables along with the caper sauce made this simple to make chicken dish outstanding.
The apple pie, as apple pies go, was better than the last, but aren’t they always?

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Apple pie with cream and strawberry shortbread
Hope Luke enjoyed the meal as much as I did preparing it for him!

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