Monday, August 9, 2010

Chicken with asparagus and other things

Tonight’s inspiration came from some of the beautiful asparagus we have been enjoying the past few weeks. Now asparagus seemed to be on my mind all day, so when I went for a haircut today at lunchtime, I ducked into Coles to grab a bundle of spears. Being limited for time it really was hit and run, which was fine until I got home and unpacked the shopping bag to find the asparagus was not the local product but some that was imported from Thailand. The colour was pale and the head was tiny compared to the stuff we have had lately, so I was somewhat disappointed with it, and after eating it probably a little more so, it did not have a lot of flavour.

The overall dish however was a totally different story, as I was eating each mouthful different flavours were exploding onto my taste buds, and whilst the asparagus wasn’t great for flavour it was great for the freshness of its crunchy stems.

My title for the dish was an easy way out, I get a little bored at restaurants when reading menu’s that seem to have chapters for each dish the titles are so long, anyway if you want to know what was in it you can always read the recipe!

All I know is that it was very yummy, I even surprised myself tonight and I for one am voting that I do it again, so now the recipe I shall write so I can do it again!


  1. OK, first, I am so sorry I didn't notice the haircut! But in saying that, it was only a trim compared to your normal cuts.
    Now to the dish...every mouthful was such an explosion so much so, my tastebuds were confused and therefore created so many juices, I nearly choked! WOW, I loved this dinner tonight and yes please, I would very much like it again thanks darling xxx

  2. Great site Jack will check back and see what you have been cooking