Monday, August 23, 2010

Coq au vin

I love the smell of coq au vin cooking, the way it fills the house with beautiful aromas just makes me feel warm and cosy. The recipe I use is one I got from the TV series, Better Homes and Gardens last winter and I have cooked and enjoyed it many times since. On first read of the recipe it is a bit scary given there are 12 whole cloves of garlic used, but really the garlic is not that noticeable when eating and what you do get is very nice. This is a good hearty rustic style dish that goes great with steamed whole potato and beans. The sauce whilst cooking is rather thin, but the roux added at the end fixes that and you end up with very flavoursome gravy. I generally use chicken thighs with the bone in for this dish and I just chop through the thigh bone with a cleaver to make smaller pieces, but for tonight’s dish I used drumsticks, as they were on special for a couple of dollars per kilo. The most expensive ingredient was the wine, which cost me $6 for a litre and as the recipe only calls for 750ml the cook got to have a wee drink, you can’t complain about that! I have passed this recipe on to many people and they have all enjoyed the warming flavours, it really is a must have for your winter menu. Now I actually cooked this yesterday and had it in the fridge overnight, the advantages of this are, obviously not having to cook tonight, the flavours will be stronger and yummier and before reheating you can easily skim any fat off the top making it a healthier option!

Just finished eating dinner, the only problem with this dish is it was hard to leave room for some apple pie a little later, I don't think I am going to be able to manage it tonight now!

Find the recipe here

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