Friday, July 23, 2010

Spanish styled prawns with tomato, chilli and risoni

It has been a long week, thank God for Friday, the weekend is here you little beauty!

I had Princess pick up some fresh prawns for dinner tonight, which I cooked sort of to a recipe titled “Spanish Styled Prawns with Tomato, Chilli & Risoni”. It is done in a tomato based sauce and yes there is a little chilli in it, but after that, the Spanish part was lost on me a little bit, might have had something to do with trying to dress pasta up to look like rice. The important thing though at the end of the day, was that it did taste good, very good actually and very easy to make, which is even better.
Funny thing was it is one of those recipes like you get on the side of a packet, this one for a brand of Chicken Stock powder, funny because when you are cooking seafood I could not imagine why you’d want to do it in chicken stock! I didn’t, I made good use of the prawn heads and shells which were to be discarded, and instead boiled them up in a litre of water and made my own stock, and it worked perfectly.
A nice easy dinner what better way to start what we hope will be a relaxing weekend!  Enjoy.

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