Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Left over Wednesday

I can’t believe how boring life has become, home about 20 minutes earlier than normal with no dinner to cook thanks to LEFT OVERS WEDNESDAY, what does a bloke do with himself?
Open a bottle of red of course, then cut some bread and slice up an Italian Cacciatore sausage, fry that up with some left over roasted capsicum salad, sit back and enjoy!

Had lunch with my nephew Luke today, at what is becoming a regular haunt! Regal on Roe is a Chinese restaurant in Roe St, Northbridge, and every day of the week they serve up beautiful Yum Cha (Dim Sum).
The food is fantastic, the service is swift but friendly, I love their green tea and the Chilli Squid is the best I have found in Northbridge, to top it all off it @ around $15/head it is so much cheaper than a lot of the others around it, so I highly recommend the place, Luke loved his first Yum Cha experience and I'll bet he is back there real soon!

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