Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New York fillet on garlic bruschetta with caramelised chilli onions and red wine sauce

I was so glad to get home and started in on dinner tonight, for the past two weeks it has been going round and around in my head. It started out when I ruined a couple of beautiful New York cut steaks I brought from Drovers in Joondalup. I love Drovers, awesome place to shop, the thing I love most about it is I can sit at home on a Sunday watch the Dockers win yet another away game on TV, decide I want to have a roast for dinner, drive the 30 km to buy any type of meat I long for and be home and have it cooked for Sunday night dinner! Anyway enough of a plug for Drovers, I don’t cook that much steak, even though it is probably Gorgeous Jo’s favourite food, and to ruin two lovely steaks has bothered me, so I sent Jo back to Drovers today and she come home with some beautiful ingredients.

I started by slicing an onion, red chilli and a 1 clove of garlic, which I cooked gently in a little olive oil for about 7 minutes, then added a couple of table spoons of reduced balsamic vinegar, transfered to a bowl and placed in a warm oven.

Whilst the onion was cooking I prepared some veg, grating 1 potato, 1 turnip and a chunk of sweet potato to which I added 25 grams melted butter , a pinch of salt and a few grinds of pepper, mix it all together and then pressed firmly into egg rings, squeezing out as much starch as I could. I cooked these in some oil for a few minutes both sides, and frankly they were a flop, didn’t hold together at all, but they tasted great so I piled them onto a plate and put them in the oven, I got a little bonus when they went a little crunchy on top, a nice ripe tomato cut in half went into the oven at this time, along with 2 slices of Sour Dough Rye bread I had drizzled with a little oil and rubbed with garlic. A couple of minutes before the tomatoes come out of the oven I sprinkle with a spoon of Romano cheese.

To cook the steak I first patted the meat dry with some paper towel, massaged in some olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. I spray the griddle plate with olive oil and put on a high heat, wait for the oil to smoke a little and place the steaks on at a 45 degree angle to the griddle.  Let them cook for a full 3 minutes and then move them through 90 degrees, but still on the same side for another 3 minutes, this does two things, firstly it stops the griddle marks from being too black, and secondly it makes a nice diamond shape on the steak. After 3 minutes, I flip and turn the steaks again, taking them off after 2 more minutes of cooking as now they look and feel just right, total cooking time 11 minutes. I placed the steak on a plate and loosely cover with alfoil to let the meat rest for 10 minutes.

I have also prepared a red wine sauce, by reducing 1 tablespoon of red wine, to which I added a half teaspoon of cracked pepper and a half cup of chicken stock, then simmered for 3 – 4 minutes.

Whilst the meat rests, I plate up, beginning with the garlic bruschetta, then a couple of spoonfuls’ of the caramelised chilli onions, place a half tomato and a potion of the shredded potato on the plate, add a few beans around the edges, the steak is then placed on the bruschetta and finally I spoon on a little red wine sauce, and with that dinner is served, hope Jo has cracked that bottle of red!

ps. Jo darling thank you for baking me such a lovely loaf of bread xx

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