Monday, July 26, 2010

Pan fried salmon with cabbage remoulade

Tonight’s dinner if nothing else was very bright and colourful on the plate, the ingredients that made the bright colours also brought fantastic flavours and textures to the dish. The dish is basically fried salmon with coleslaw, the colourful parts where made up of egg, salmon roe, fried capers and a vinaigrette sauce, the capers provided a tasty little crunch. I found the recipe on The Gourmet Traveller, it was an interesting dish to prepare and very easy to do so, the longest process being the boiling and then cooling of 2 eggs, I had the salad components plated up and ready to serve before I cooked the fish, all in all a great dish for a Monday night, quick, easy and very tasty.

Find the recipe here,


  1. Hi Jack,
    I tried this dish and found it be something you find served up in a classy restuarant... the flavours complemented each component on the dish. Well done on achieving what looks like a delicious meal!

  2. Oops, i meant to say that it tasted as good as it looked.
    Thanks for my lovely dinner.
    Jo x