Monday, July 12, 2010

Clayton’s roast chicken and veg

Monday night, late home from work with very little in the fridge, what to do?? I had envisaged doing a Red Chicken Curry whilst I was driving home, thought about what I’d put in it and the process I would take to get to a place where we would sit down to a simple but nourishing dinner. Then on arriving home and noticing the bin at the end of the drive, thought I best do a quick clean out of the fridge, which ended up being a bigger job than I anticipated, but at least there is lots of room in the fridge now, and with the Italians coming for dinner Saturday night, I figure I am going to need all the room I can get. The beer fridge, which is usually great to fall back on, is already laden with Peroni’s for the boys and Asti Riccadonna’s for the girls, so I may be a bit pushed! It is amazing how much the Italian’s can eat, considering how much talking they do, can’t figure out where they find the gaps to shove the food in!! I am joking of course, Jo and I are both very excited and so looking forward to the event.

Anyway, I have rambled on a bit and gone off track a little, probably because I really was not intending to blog this at all, but then Jo girl was like, how can I best describe this?? Picture Meg Ryan sitting across from Billy Crystal in “When Harry met Sally” ... you’ve got the idea, and well really all I plated up was a Clayton’s Roast Chicken and Veg. I started out with preparing the Potato’s and Sweet Potato with a light oil coating followed by a sprinkling of French Onion Soup powder, the Potato’s went in a pre warmed oven to 190C for 40 minutes, the Sweet Spud’s being added to the roasting dish with 25 minutes cooking to go. I dusted a couple of Chicken Breasts with some Moroccan Spice which I then pan fried for 3minutes each side, before they too, went into the roasting dish. Steamed some peas and beans and made gravy, which didn’t taste too good so I cranked a heap of pepper into it and it turned out KICK ARSE! I love my wife, she can be so easy to please!!

1. sorry should have mentioned, when the chicken breast has been pan fried for 3 minutes either side, it is then placed in the roasting dish with the veg, for 10 minutes, then remove and let it rest whilst the veg is finished off.
2. I have come to realise at 3:30 AM this morning, that Morrocon Spice has the same affect on me as does No Doze on litttle Benny!!!

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