Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Roast salmon with warm fennel and potato salad

Having had very little sleep and struggling to keep my eyes open toward the end of the day, I sought out an easy but tasty little morsel for our dinner tonight, naturally I turned to The Gourmet Traveller and found this little beauty, quickly sent a shopping list via email to my gorgeous girl and we were in business.

Roast salmon with warm fennel and potato salad filled all requirements of my desires and went down a treat, Jo Girl has asked that I do it again, so that to me says everything!

You’ll need a few potatoes, a fennel bulb, a lemon, some capers, a handful of flat leaf parsley, some EV olive oil and of course a couple of nice salmon filets.

Potatoes and fennel coated with a little olive oil and pepper and then baked at 190 C for 20 minutes, whilst they are cooking away prepare the sauce by combining EV oil, rind and juice of lemon and the capers, whisk it all together and let it sit. Then prepare the salmon, take the skin off, debone if necessary and coat with a little of the prepared sauce a little salt and pepper, add to the roasting dish at the 20 minute mark and continue roasting for 7 minutes.

With the fish under way, quickly prepare the flat leaf parsley in a bowl, add the fronds from the fennel, and the remainder of the capers (remove from sauce) drizzle with a little sauce.

Once the salmon is cooked, remove the dish from the oven, remove the salmon, set aside and keep warm. Transfer the roast veg to the bowl and toss gently to combine with the greens, add sauce to taste. Plate up the veg, place the salmon over the top and drizzle with any remaining capers or greens.

Bon app├ętit


  1. I actually bought a Fennel bulb to try.I cut it up and its still in the fridge. Might have to try it with a recipe like this.

  2. Hi, well this is only the second time I have cooked with fennel and I was not that impressed the first time out, though I cannot remember what I cooked, but tonight having it roasted was extremely nice, went well with hte salmon and surprisingly was a rather subtle flovour in the dish. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did cheers Jack

  3. Hi Jack(John), fantastic, any food lover and chef would be delighted. Fennel is underestimated and not well known, but after one tries it, it becomes a must in many dishes.

    Great blog, thanks for sharing.