Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bruschetta with bocconcini

Well this is truly a bonus blog as I had no intention of cooking today as there is still plenty to eat in the house, then half time came in what turned out to be a fantastic game of footy and I got the urge to eat something intensely Italian, think it had something to do with each and every Dockers Star proudly displaying the Italian flag on their chest, could of also had something to do with the half flagon of Pinelli Cav Sav that we have enjoyed so much this afternoon, and for that I say thanks Uncle Lou.

This didn’t quite make it to the table last night, because,

1. my gorgeous girl thought we might have enough food already
2. I had never had a crack at making it before, and you see so many bad examples of it in restaurant land!

Just hope I have done it justice!

Buon Appetito, salute

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