Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pork sausages, polenta and mataró

Every once in a while you’ll come across a recipe and you’ll think, yep got to try that! Now and then when this does happen all the sensational flavours you had hoped for and anticipated, just are not there! Well I am pleased to say the recipe I happened upon a few weeks back and have longed to cook since, came through with every mouthful experiencing that “WOW”, mouth watering, smack in the mouth full of flavour, man o man give some more of that, this is to die for, yeah baby!! What more can I say to describe this dish? And it was so simple! I found it on one of my favourite foodie sites The Gourmet Traveller, a site I have come to love and thus far has delivered every time.

Pork sausages, Polenta and Mataró, the Mataró is actually a reference to a wine variety, which the author suggests goes brilliantly with this dish, unfortunately I could not source a bottle, being Sunday did not help, so I had to settle for a 3 Amigo’s GSM, of which the M part was at least Mataró, and it was not a bad drop.

The dish was basically Italian pork sausages baked on a baked tomato and onion sauce, which took about the same time it took to make the polenta which was creamy and full of cheese and butter, ad oh so to die for, can’t wait to have a leftovers lunch tomorrow, albeit without the wine!

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