Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lamb shanks navarin

Tonight I cooked from a recipe that was in the June issue of Good Taste, it is the second time I have cooked this recipe, the first time I did, my soon to be 30 year old son, drove 50 km's to sit down to a plate full, after I sent him an SMS to say "Hey Ry, I am cooking shanks tonight, you'd be more than welcome to join us!"
Well he didn't get the message till about 8PM and Jo and I had well and truly finished by that time, but it did not stop him, he walked in the door an hour later and sat down to what is his favorite meal!
Shanks are like that if cooked properly, I have had a few versions which haven't been quite right, but when they are, they are to die for, this recipe produces a beautiful dish, a very tasty sauce which is awesome soaked up in a slice of crunchy bread and succulent meat which comes away from the bone, just the way I like it, still with a bit of bite and not to stringy, well and truly worth a 50km drive for!

See recipes page for my version of the recipe or get a copy of GOOD TASTE June 2010 issue.

That was soooo gooood!

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