Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rigatoni, pork sausage, sage, tomato, garlic and chilli

Playing catch up today, after a week of not feeling on top of the world, thanks to my Sydney flu!

 I loved making this dish, the flavours whilst cooking had my mouth watering from start to finish, and it was so awesome to sit down and eat.
It always seems the simpler the pasta sauce recipe the better the pasta sauce, and this one makes no exception, the flavours from the sauce are incredible and very it is very hard to say no to a second serving.
I made a slight adjustment to the recipe, pulling back a little on the chilli flakes, I only added about ¾ teaspoon, instead of the 2 listed in the ingredients, and am glad I did as it was quite spicy and had it been any hotter, would have been too hot for our liking.
The pork sausages come from our local IGA store and they are the best, we will often have them just panned fried on a weekend with a light salad, they are very good tasting sausages, put them in a fantastic sauce like this one and you have to end up with a great meal, just be sure there is plenty of crusty bread on hand

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