Friday, October 8, 2010

Horses for courses, one, two , three

Lemon thyme and garlic prawns
Arroz de perol (Rice with chicken and runner beans)
Passionfruit pavlova roll

Had expected my Mother in Law for dinner tonight, but she did not make it, she is still stuck in a hospital bed where she has been since being flown in from Geraldton by the RFDS last Saturday, waiting for an MRI, and still she waits.  Brilliant isn’t it?  Speaking with her nurse earlier today, when she advised me that emergency cases can be waiting up to two weeks for an MRI, really isn’t good enough is it?
I hope your reading this Julia!

In Joy’s absence we, two of her daughters and I, had to push on through three courses by ourselves, it was hard work, but we managed ok in the end, Pam was a tad hungry and polished off two helpings of dessert, and that was after asking for a bigger slice first time around!

We started out with some very tasty lemon thyme and garlic prawns on a bed of rocket which had been doused in a French mustard, Spanish vinegar and EV oil dressing.

For our main course we had rice with chicken and runner beans (Arroz de perol), a Spanish dish, somewhat like a risotto or paella.

The flavours in this dish are intense  thanks to the method of cooking one ingredient for a long time before adding another and then cooking that just as long and so on, building up a layer of flavours before eventually adding the rice to cook at the end for twenty minutes or so, the entire dish with preparation is a good two hours of cooking time, but it is so worth it for the end result, it truly is amazing, the best dish of it’s kind I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

For the grand finale, we enjoyed sharing, and I must take the opportunity here to thank Pam for sharing, so thanks Pam, a rolled pavlova filled with passionfruit cream and a sweet yet tangy passionfruit sauce over the top.  This pav is so easy to make, it is about 10 minutes in making the meringue, 15 minutes to cook it and then a few minutes to spread with cream and roll, and it is without a doubt TO DIE FOR!

Sorry you could not be here with us Joy, we missed your good company, but there will many more opportunities to come, so we’ll just make up for it then, hope you enjoy the snack pack the girls have packed for your lunch tomorrow and I hope it stands up to the hospital food!

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