Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mum’s Sweet curry n rice

Driving home from Rockingham the other day when I rang my Mother to ask for her recipe for a sweet curry.
Mother proceeded to tell me throw in some of this and a bit of that and oh don’t forget this, the list went on and on and on, and never was there a quantity mentioned, no tsp, no tbsp, no half a cup or anything like it!  She ended up saying and don’t drown it!   Don’t drown it? I asked, drown it with what? I had to ask, water of course she said, this was the first time water had been mentioned, that’s my Mother and that is just the way she cooked day in day out for years for her flock of 12.
She had mentioned just about everything in her pantry, so I thought well good enough for her good enough for me, only thing is there is a few more exotic ingredients in my pantry than Mum’s, so my sweet curry was the spiciest, hottest sweet curry I have ever tasted, the flavours of Mum’s where there, as was the yum factor, but it had an enormous spicy finish, which saw Johnny Cash pay me a visit around 1:30 this afternoon!

I actually cooked the curry on Sunday night for Monday night’s dinner, one because it makes for an easier Monday night and two because curry always tastes better the following day, and this curry was no different, the spiciness had mellowed marginally overnight but the overall flavours had intensified, much to my Father in law’s delight!

If you want to make your version, include whatever amount you like of the following ingredients,
1 onion, 2 carrots, Plum Jam, Mustard Pickles, Fruit Chutney, BBQ sauce, Tomato Sauce, Curry Powder, Sultanas, an Apple or two, for meat use Beef, Lamb and you could probably do Pork if you desired and water, but don’t drown it!  All these things can be found in Mum’s pantry, in mine I also found 4 Red Chilli’s, an extra tbsp of curry, a red Sweet Paprika and a big splash of Sriracha Sauce (Hot Chilli Sauce), 2 Tomato’s and I used Beef Stock over water, which with the Plum Spread I had gave the sauce a beautiful rich colour.  For the meat I used a kilo of Topside Steak cubed and I dusted the meat with all purpose flour before adding it to the curry sauce.
The method is simple, cook the onion for a few minutes until softened a bit, add the curry powder and cook until fragrant, throw in everything else, leaving the meat and water (stock) till last, cook for an hour or so, until meat is tender and the sauce has thickened, serve with steamed rice, I added some sliced tomato on top, just to cool things off a bit!  Other than that this Sweet Curry Beef was kick arse!


  1. Sounds like how my mom cooked and would explain to me the same way! Love the addition of the spicy.

  2. Yes Jack it was spicy,but i couldnt stop eating,nice bit of chilli on the last mouthful though.Pam xx