Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pork involtini

Click link for recipe for Pork Involtini

My sister-in-law from Geraldton, and her young family are in town at the minute and the first thing she asked when I saw her was "when are you going to cook for me!" So I sent her an SMS yesterday asking when do you want to come and what do you want?  Her swift replies came "tomorrow night" and then "I don't know Jack, something with pork or beef"  
I had hoped she we make it easy for me and say something like, how about a nice red curry, something you can knock up in 5 minutes and away we would go, but no, not our Pammy, Pammy was wanting some thing a little more on the gourmet side, which meant I needed to 1. find a recipe and 2. do some shopping and in a hurry.
Thank God I have a reliable source of recipes in Gourmet Traveller, 5 minutes browsing their site and I had the perfect recipe, one I could prep up the night before to make life a little easier, being mid week, of what already has seemed to be somewhat hectic.  
Unbeknown to Pam, I have liking for pork myself, and in particular for pork tenderloins or fillets if you prefer and this dish really was outstanding, both visually and for flavour, I served the meal with brussel sprouts, steamed baby carrot, apple mash and a red wine reduction made with beef stock, red wine and strawberry jam.

Whilst I was preparing the involtini the night before, I asked my father in law, if he preferred apple pie or pavlova for dessert, as he said he liked both, I remembered I still had a serve of Pav left from Sunday night, which I offered to him thinking, he won't want it as he was already well fed, but no Graham ate the lot, then suggested maybe we could have apple pie tonight, because it would be better for Pam.
So I duly made apple pie, Graham's favourite dessert, so I found tonight, just after being told pavlova is Pam's favorite! good one Graham, I was happy to have had apple pie myself though, so I am not complaining!

The pie is labelled Lassie, after our guest of honour whom I learnt last night was a sheep herder in her youth, apparently she loves the feel of lambs wool to and takes the opportunity to sit on it whenever the opportunity comes along, even if the sheep is still wearing it!

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  1. Thankyou so much for your efforts Jack.Dinner was absolutley delicious.Your apple pie was the best because it had my name on it.Im trying to think of what you can cook me since i will be staying for a few days.I dont need to go to a restaurant because i can come to your house. hehe. Pam