Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chicken Involtini a la Jack

Funny how your memory works as you get older, I shopped today for ingredients and as I went around I pictured what I was going to make, remembering how the last time I made it I put it together etc etc then I got home and had a look at the recipe, looked nothing like it, looked around a little more and then realised I had combined 2 or 3 elements from 2 or 3 recipes, no matter it all sounded good as I shopped so I have put it together to see how it goes, the stuffing smelt great whilst I was cooking it and what I have started for the sauce was pretty good too.

Chicken stuffed with roasted capsicum, spring onion, capers, garlic, lemon thyme and sage, feta and Romano cheese, salt and pepper, oh and prosciutto, in fact we have prosciutto three ways, fried, baked and a slice rolled in the chicken breast , all this finished with a white wine and cream sauce and served with asparagus, squash and Brussels sprouts.

Well it seems I got things right, for a minute during dinner I thought Graham my Father in Law was about to wet his pants, he seemed to be having convulsions at one stage, I started to think he was allergic to something and had creepy things crawling all over his face as he was rubbing his face and head saying oh my, oh my or something to that effect.
To make the stuffing, I roasted a red capsicum for 20 mins in a 180C oven, which I also slid in a tray lined with baking paper with 3 rashers of prosciutto on top, when the capsicum came out I peeled the skin off and finely sliced it up, it then went into a hot pan which I had a couple of knobs of butter slowly sautéing away.  I then added 3 finely sliced spring onions, 3 rashers diced prosciutto, a tbsp of fresh lemon thyme, a tbsp freshly torn sage, 2 tbsp capers, a clove of garlic crushed, and a little salt and pepper.  I cooked this filling for 3 minutes, tossing it as it cooked, then just before taking it off the heat I added 50g feta cheese which I crumbled up and tossed a few more times to combine.  This all went into a bowl to cool down a little before I added a ¼ cup of grated Romano cheese.  The pan then went back on the heat along with a 100ml of dry white wine to de-glaze the pan, making sure to get the melted cheese off and other stuck bits, I let the wine reduce to about half and then put it in a bowl and set aside.
I beat each chicken breast with a mallet to about 5mm thickness, sprinkled salt and pepper over the meat, then laid a strip of prosciutto over the top, then spooned the stuffing over the top, rolled it all up the best I could, pinning it together in the shape of a roll with toothpicks.  The rolls went in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
I cooked the rolls for a few minutes in butter over a medium heat, turning ¼ turn a time ensuring the rolls were completely browned, then transferred them to a roasting dish, poured the butter over the top and put them in the oven at 180C for 15 minutes.  Whilst the chicken roasted, I added the wine put aside earlier and added a ½ cup of chicken stock, which I reduced by half before adding ¼ cup cream and a couple of cranks of pepper.

Plated up with steamed asparagus, squash and Brussels sprouts a strip of roast prosciutto and cream sauce, absolutely divine!


  1. This was a very Orgasmic meal..if you know what I mean. Even Dad said "Someone poke me to see if I'm still alive"!
    Sorry you missed out on such an awesome meal Pam hehe
    Great work on taste and presentation tonight Darls 10/10 from me xx

  2. Thanks guys, why dont you wait until i leave the house(how unfair). Well you better put your thinking cap on for Saturday night Jack bacause i want something really special.xx