Sunday, October 17, 2010

Strawberry Shortbread

Surprised myself this morning when I entered the world of baking again so soon after a very trialling day yesterday, but I did have some strawberries I brought to do this shortbread tart and with having guests for dinner every night I haven’t been venturing to far of the beaten track in the kitchen, staying with tried and tested meals such as prawn saganaki (Sept 7) and kotopoulo tava (Aug 3).

I have found it funny redoing these meals, my memory does not serve me so well and I have been reading and reading recipes thinking “I can’t remember that”.  It really shouldn’t surprise me that much as I had a dance teacher once who would often pull aside his more advanced students before a class and ask them to show him the steps to one dance or another, as he could not remember the sequence of steps.
Well I danced around that kitchen this morning, cooked up a yummy breakfast for Jo and myself and then started in on my shortbread crust for my strawberry tart, and it was quite simple really, though I seemed to have made a lot of mess for such a simple little tart, so I hope it tastes good enough to be worth the effort, but it won’t matter really, because this was more about the cooking than the eating, nice way to spend Sunday morning.

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