Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lemon Meringue Pie

I have never made lemon meringue pie before, as a child I watched as my Mother would make it a hundred times over, and I never got tired of watching the meringue coming out of the oven, all fluffy and looking so good all you wanted to do was eat it.  I have never tired either of the way a lemon meringue looks when cut into a slice ready to be served, the crunchiness of the crust, the bright yellow of the lemon and the fluffy white meringue with brown tips on top, amazing looking dessert.  Having said all of that, I can never remember being a big fan of eating lemon meringue pie, odd but true, it is a bit like people who love to fish but hate to eat seafood, could never understand that.

Just as I could never understand why I was overcome this afternoon with a blonde moment, it came a few minutes after what looked like the perfect pie crust came out of the oven, I was very proud of it, it looked so good, brilliant really for a first ever effort, well I thought so anyway!

Then came that blonde moment, I thought to myself, “self, that looks great, but it would look even better if it stood alone, without the pie dish to hold it in place, as it sort of gets in the way of its visual beauty” so I proceeded to turn the pie dish upside down, gave it a gentle tap, and yes you guessed it, I had one smashed up mess on my workbench!  Lesson learnt!

A new pie crust is in the oven and it is going to look great in the pie dish, right where it is meant to be, just hope it tastes as good as it is going to look, as I am baking it for my Mother in Law, who is in hospital recovering from brain surgery, funny, half an hour ago I was thinking I needed brain surgery! Move over Mother!  Anyway, since deciding to make Mother a lemon meringue pie, I have learnt that she makes a mean pie herself, so mine better be good!

Part 2

I learnt another thing this afternoon, if you drink three cups of brewed coffee and then eat the left over meringue straight out of the bowl, you are going to be jumping out of your skin, hyper man is what I am!

Pie crust take 2
Anyway it is ok to make mistakes, this is how we learn, and the second pie crust looks even better, and should be better too, as I found the original not to have been cooked all the way through.  I also learnt a new setting on the oven which ensures the base of the pie dish gets more heat than the top, and I left it in a little longer too, so fingers crossed it will be perfect!

The recipe said to let the lemon filling cool before filling pie, mine was very cool, not sure what the go is with the meringue though, seems to be so much of it, nice and fluffy though, it is looking great!

Apart from the 3 cups of coffee and the sugar hit from left over meringue, this had me jumping out of my skin, looks awesome, I have never seen a meringue this high before!  I am HYPER MAN!

Straight out of the oven, not bad!
It was looking pretty good straight out of the oven too, then I took to it with my new toy, a gas torch my SIL Pammy gave me as a gift this morning, guess I had to try it out, was a bit shocked when me bloody meringue caught fire though! I can tell you, but all was OK I blew it out quickly and the end result was not too bad for a first attempt I am happy!  

Mum's never looked like this!  Where did all that meringue come from?

All that is left now is to taste it, but unfortunately that is going to have to wait till after dinner tonight!

Well it was a fifty fifty verdict with the taste, some said spot on, whilst other said it need to be a little more tart, for me it was spot on, but then I don't get to vote!

The pie crust was awesome!

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  1. That looks amazing i always think of my Dad when i see lemon Meringue it was his favourite