Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fennel crusted pork with apple mash

Got this recipe off Donna Hay’s site, and it made a very tasty meal, one I was a bit dubious about to begin with, due to the apple mash, but it was so nice and the fennel seed crust made a great flavouring for the meat, it was very nice indeed.
I have come to love pork fillet, the meat is so tender and juicy and there is no fat at all, a great way to eat pork.  I served it up with the apple mash and caramelised onions as suggested and also some silver beet and green beans.
The only thing I would have changed, I think next time I will make a gravy to go with it and it would have been better also if I had my wife here to enjoy it with me, but she’ll be back tomorrow, she'll probably be glad not to be here tonight after me eating all them onions!!

If you ever look at a Donna Hay recipe and think that is too easy, it will be, but you can bet it is going to taste great, just as this meal did, so go for it!

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