Thursday, November 11, 2010

Midweek Dinner for Two

Crispy skinned Barramundi and King Prawns with a Capers and White Wine Sauce

A few months back a mate told me about this fish monger in Fitzgerald St, North Perth, saying it was a pretty good shop with great seafood, I said I’d have to stop by and try them out, shouldn’t have been too hard after all, I drive past the front door three nights out of five on my way home!
Well it has taken me a few months to actually pull over and go check out their wares, but tonight I did and I was happy I had, they do have some great stuff, a large variety and it is all nice and fresh.  After examining the several display fridges I decided on a couple of fresh barramundi fillets and a few fresh king prawns, because they looked so good.
Having brought the fish I spent the rest of my drive home wondering how I was going to cook and what to have with it.  Several ideas sprang to mind, but it wasn’t until I pulled into Balcatta Fresh on Karrinyup Road that I formed a better idea of what I would do, and that was only after lots of toeing and throwing! 
I walked out with a bunch of white asparagus, a head of broccoli, some fronds of dill, a carton of cream and the idea that I should be able to knock up something half decent with the ingredients I had in hand.
Jo had a big day, up at six to start in on a few orders for work, before getting out amongst her customers, and then called in to accompany her Mum to her specialist’s appointment, and then she rang me about 6:30PM to say she would be a bit late as they had been held up.  Which was fine by me as I had everything prepared by then, so all I needed to do was cook the seafood and finish the sauce when she got home, I was also able to clean up, do the dishes and set the table whilst I waited for her.  Given her big day, I decided to make it a bit nicer than usual, put a bottle of wine in to chill and played a little music, I think she was pleasantly surprised when she walked in and was instructed to sit ready for dinner.

I actually felt a bit like Hadleigh Troy cooking this meal, I was so prepared for a change, and the white wine and capers sauce turned out a treat, even Hadleigh would have been chuffed with that!

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