Friday, November 19, 2010

Baked barramundi with fennel, mint and capers

I was sitting at my computer eating lunch today and chatting with my work mate Dave, when I asked what was for dinner tonight, he answered he did not know, and then went on to say he had been to the fish monger in Fitzgerald Street to try the barramundi I had told him about a couple of weeks back.  The memories come back to me of the meal I cooked and I got to thinking I wouldn’t mind having that again and I knew Jo would be happy to have it as she raved about it last time.
I could not remember all the ingredients I would need to do the dish so I googled “barramundi, white wine and capers” which produced no less than 24,300 pages, the second or third one down grabbed my attention and upon opening and reading the recipe and seeing the content of the pages within, I thought, bugger it I am going to give this one a go, the fact the blog started out with the sentence “Here's a dish you can make in half an hour flat from prep to dish”, sealed the deal.
There was no photo of the prepared dish, apparently the food was devoured before the cook got a chance to rattle off a couple of snaps!, after eating it I understand why, but you don’t need photo’s to cook do you?
Oven ready, looks great already!
The dish as the author had stated took no more than 30 minutes to prepare, cook and plate, I took a couple of minutes to get the snaps and as you can see it made a great looking meal, but better yet it was a great tasting meal, just the thing for a Friday night after a very busy week.

Fish on a Friday night used to be common place, now most, only follow this trend through Lent, if at all, which is a pity because fish really is so easy to prepare and so good to eat!
The recipe for this dish can be found here, the site is well worth having a look through, enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Yum Jack. We had a baked fish tonight too. I have never tried barra though. Pam