Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Herb crusted lamb with stuffed mushrooms and roasted potatoes

I actually asked my wife to cook me dinner tonight as I was feeling a little worse for the wear from a late Tuesday night, but unfortunately for me my wife was a little worse for wear than I, so it seems and I got told “no way”.
Funnily enough a few minutes after this conversation had taken place my sister Bella phoned me with a few PC problems and one thing lead to another as it does, and I was then asked if I could find this recipe for herb crusted lamb.  I found the recipe, quite easily and having seen it decided that we would have that ourselves tonight, so I sent Jo the shopping list for the ingredients , so all I needed to do was put it all together on arriving home.

I phoned Bella after dinner to let her know the recipe was a beauty and the lamb was the best, absolutely to die for, as were the mushrooms, it was then she let in on the fact that I had sent her the wrong recipe after all!
But I am far from disappointed, it was so tasty, the herb crust really was delicious and the lamb so tender, I could not stop myself from cleaning up the herbs on the baking tray, this is one meal that will become a regular in this household, and the mushrooms are perfect for an entree or as party food, and it was so easy a kid could do it!
If you'd like to make it part of your repertoire, you can find this very simple recipe here

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  1. Yep, i would of eaten all of those crumbs too! Just been catching up on your blog after this hectic month. Pam x