Monday, November 15, 2010

Chicken mushroom parcel

Decided to try something a little different tonight and I am not entirely happy I did, mainly due to being very frustrated thanks to being unable to separate sheets of filo pastry, very annoying.  I did manage in the end with some help from my gorgeous wife Jo, and once separated it became quite easy to do.  Was a little surprised with the amount of butter used to spread between each sheet of filo, I don’t think this recipe would make it between the cover of a Weight Watchers magazine!

The filling of chicken breast, mushrooms, Romano cheese and thyme was very nice, though I think I will use a different cheese if making again, maybe substituting with gruyere or better still fontina.
I roasted potato, sweet potato and carrots to go with the meal along with some steamed green beans and asparagus.  Whilst I was happy with the end result and combination of flavours, Jo would have preferred a little gravy over the top of her chicken parcel, but these few things I will take on board and maybe incorporate into the next effort, if I can bring myself to battle against the filo pastry again!

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