Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amuse` ( I think)

Just home from a long awaited event, an evening dining on the creations of Hadleigh Troy @ Amuse (there should be one of those little French things `over the e, but I am not clever enough to do that, yet) and now I know.., no understand what all the talk has been about, in a word unbelievable, truly, unbelievable!

I booked our place at this event some months ago, keeping it as a surprise for Jo, and right up until we entered the restaurant she had no idea of where she was going, or what to expect, I on the other hand knew exactly where I was going and only dreamed of what I might expect! 
But then I have dreamt of dining at this establishment for some time now, I walk past the doors to this restaurant every day and I look to see if I can see anyone that works there, it is bizarre, but I do.  I have been taken by the place since the neon sign out the front first appeared, in the most unsuspecting place you could think of.
I have known this place since I was a child, and since that time it has been of such little consequence, an old terrace house from my earliest memories and later in life, the location of a really good Indonesian restaurant, that I cannot name, but the food was good.
Then one day this sign Amuse` (I think that might be it) appeared and it has had me intrigued ever since, right up until I learnt what Amuse~ (I think that might be it) was really all about, well that is an overstatement really because I really didn’t learn what Amuse` was all about until this evening, and even now I think I have only learnt half the story!
Ok, I have had a few wines and probably not enough food to absorb that what has been drunk, but I think what I have said is true, I will explain, if you give me the time!
You see the food at Amuse` (I am just going to go with this from here on in, you can laugh if you so desire) is the most amazing food you could ever imagine, true there is not a lot of it on each plate, which is so delicately placed in front of you, but there is so much on that plate it is truly unbelievable and I am phucked if I know how they do it!  But by Geesus, I cannot wait to go back!
This evening was a promo sort of thing by others outside of Amuse`, parties interested in good food and good wine, the wine in fact was provided by those interested parties, and damn good wine to, from a winery steeped in family tradition, wines that my own true love enjoyed so much that I sit here by myself eating last night’s left over’s (and they weren’t bad either) whilst she is setting a crescendo of ZZZZ’s in the background whilst I tap away at the keyboard!
I really am finding it hard to put into words what I have taken from tonight, which is strange, because what I have taken with me will be with me forever, and as of yet I have not yet mentioned the company to which I got to enjoy, to experience, this wonderful event with, and before this evening I had not met these wonderful people before, I can only hope I have the privilege of meeting them again, with a little luck, no I think we would need a lot of luck, it would be sharing a table at Amuse`.
Thank you Hadleigh and Caroline for a wonderful evening.
Thank you Franklin Tate for the wonderful wines.
Thank John Maiorana for the wonderful opportunity.
Jack and Jo x
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