Wednesday, June 8, 2011

nothing to blog really, just a little chit chat is all I got!

Seems like ages since I blogged last, and really don’t have a lot to blog tonight!  It has been a busy week, with a 4 day trip away to Geraldton to visit family and busy days since our return, but the time away was nice!  Not to say there hasn’t been a bit of cooking n that time but mainly tried and tested favourites.
Had a couple of young fans praising me for some food I prepared for them a few months back, that really surprised me, did not expect a blue eyed, golden haired little angel of five years to greet me with “Hey uncle Jack did you make apple pie?”, nor for her 6 year old brother, that is not big on eating, exclaim “your chicken nuggets are the best!”  I was gobbed smacked, and I would loved to have said yes there is an apple pie in the oven but the truth was I had run out of time to cook one, but I did arrived prepared with six Granny Smith’s tucked away in the box with my Nespresso machine, no I cannot leave home without it!!
In actual fact I was blown away at how much I enjoyed cooking with a couple of young kids shadowing my every move, watching the joy in their faces as they helped sift flour, or peel apples the excitement in the look on their faces when the hot pie cam e out of the oven, priceless!
It was funny also how the weekend ended just as it started, in the kitchen, due to the fact that  I picked up 8 kilos of Roma tomatoes for $7 at a roadside stand, and then we stopped at Drovers on the way home, where Jo just happened to find some very nice beef shank cutlets, just perfect for osso bucco! 

The tomatoes I cooked up as soon as we walked into the house, so I now have some beautiful home-made pasatta in the fridge, waiting for a pasta dish, I have been given an ultimatum by Jo Girl that I have to make Spaghetti con Polpette, just like I made for her Mum, now it just occurred to me that I am still to make my first meal with home-made pasta, so looks like I have something to do this weekend after all!
The little B would not let me get a decent photo!

Loves Uncle Jack's Chicken Nuggets!

Tonight's dinner, couldn't blog steak n veg again, but loved the photo!!

I also found an interesting recipe whilst in Geraldton for a Pork Stew, just what I have been looking for, we had some for dinner last night and it was fantastic, oh so tasty, I will do it again soon and share some with you here, so that is one to look out for, if your in the mood for something different!

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