Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pork fillet, wrapped in procuitto with goats cheese and asparagus

I couldn’t wait to get home from work tonight to cook dinner, I have been thinking about doing this dish for a few days, it is one I love and whilst I have done similar before there are a few elements on tonight’s plate that lifted it from a really good dish to an outstanding dish.

I had trouble deciding which cheese to go with there were so many to choose from at Balcatta Fresh, where I had stopped on my way home, after much deliberation I chose a small block of Caprakaas 100% Goat’s Cheese.  I had never eaten goat’s cheese before and it looked so interesting being as whit as it is, the flavour is amazing, it has a nuttiness about it, it cooked up nicely too and was still quite firm when I plated up.
Another element which really packed a punch was the apple sauce, again outstanding flavour, sweet and spicy which went beautifully with the saltiness of the prosciutto.  To finish the meal off, I made an apple cider and sage sauce which brought another level of tanginess to the end result.

I was really pleased with the end result, it was a dish that brought a new level of excitement with every mouthful, Jo rarely rates the food I prepare, however she decided to tonight, which confirmed to me just how much she enjoyed her dinner, and that to me is the most important thing of all!

As it turned out I had cooked enough for three people, which gave me the opportunity to practise my plating up skills, something Jo is always after me to improve, that was fun in itself, though I did not get as much time at it as I’d like, as Chef came on and when that happens it is time to sit and relax, to work on what’s for dinner tomorrow night!

Now, this might be a little bit silly, but I tell you what, leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog, and if I think your’s is the best, then we'll arrange to have you over and I'll cook this for you, deal?

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  1. Well I should be the first to comment..after all I ate it! Normally I eat each piece individually but you asked me to try the whole lot in one mouthful...OMG! How awesome was that? Is it possible to have so many flavours complimenting the other? I've seen it on TV shows but never understood why you would do that...now I know! So I win...cook it again for me please.
    Jo xx